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The most recent reports from the Illinois Department of Transportation indicate that the state has experienced an increase in certain types of serious car wrecks. While pedestrian fatalities decreased slightly, bicyclist fatalities and traffic collision injuries increased. Despite widespread public safety campaigns focusing on the importance of seatbelts, nearly 50% of traffic fatalities involved victims who were not wearing seatbelts. These statistics support the Association for Safe International Road Travel’s position that the global epidemic of road accident fatalities is becoming a public health concern.

Illinois car wrecks are typically unpredictable. However, they are also almost always entirely preventable. Poor road design, defective vehicles, and unsafe driving, can all result in drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists suffering severe, lifelong injuries. Those who suffer injuries in a car crash should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies. An attorney can assist victims and their loved ones with gathering the documents necessary to file an insurance claim and pursuing personal injury damages against the at-fault parties.

Resolving an Illinois personal injury claim requires a comprehensive understanding of relevant substantive and procedural laws. For example, how do you prove another driver was negligent? How long do you have to file a car crash claim? What damages are car wreck victims entitled to? These issues should all be discussed well before your Illinois personal injury attorney begins gathering evidence or files a claim. This way, you have a good idea of what to expect throughout the process.

Obtaining an Illinois Accident Report

One of the most critical forms of evidence after an Illinois accident is the accident report. Accident reports include many important details about a car accident. These records are integral to filing an insurance claim or securing a favorable decision before an arbitrator, judge, or jury. While not all car accidents require you to obtain an accident report, it is vital that victims at least contact the police to create a record of the incident. While a car accident report may not prove liability, it can establish the existence of an accident and identify the relevant parties. The failure to document an accident or obtain a car accident report can cause difficulties during settlement negotiations or subsequent litigation.

Under Illinois law, anyone involved in a car crash must report the incident to state or local police if the crash resulted in death, bodily injury, or property damage of more than $1,500. When law enforcement arrives, they should take statements, document all drivers’ information, and take down other details. If you file a report with the local police department, they may submit the report to the Illinois State Police. Thus, after a collision, you may want to check with the state police if you experience any difficulty in obtaining the report.

Car accident victims may request the report online, by mail, or in person at any police departments. However, official reports are only available after the police receive and process the report. Below are the locations where you can request a copy of an accident report in-person:

  • Chicago Police Department (1st District): 1718 S. State Street, Chicago IL
  • Chicago Police Department (2nd District): 5101 South Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Police Department (5th District): 727 E. 111th Street, Chicago IL
  • Chicago Police Department (11th District): 3151 W. Harrison, Chicago IL
  • Chicago Police Department (16th District): 5151 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL
  • Lansing Police Department: 2710 S. 170th Street, Lansing, IL
  • Northfield Police Department: 350 Walnut, Northfield, IL
  • Oak Forest Police Department: 15440 Central Ave, Oak Forrest, IL
  • Summit Police Department: 5810 S. Archer Road, Summit, IL
  • Westchester Police Department: 10300 Roosevelt Road, Westchester, IL

There are limitations to the online availability of accident reports. For example, requests related to older accidents may not be available online.

After an accident, many victims have difficulties effectively preparing their claim, and for good reason—this is not a process most people are familiar with. A knowledgeable Illinois car wreck lawyer is a crucial resource throughout all stages of a claim.

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