Citizens Can Report Drunk Drivers Through Innovative Illinois Program

Driving under the influence of alcohol can cause serious injuries and harm to the driver as well as any people the driver might hit. A recent news headline highlighted how drunk driving changed the life of a bride-to-be. The Joliet woman was only three weeks away from her wedding when she hit a median and bicyclist near the United Center. She was found with a blood alcohol level of .201 and allegedly had six vodka drinks before driving home that night. She is dealing with a fractured C-5 vertebra and the bicyclist is in critical condition, on a ventilator, and has bleeding in the brain.

Throughout many Illinois counties, individuals can report impaired motorists and make $100 if it leads police to a drunk driving arrest. The Drunkbuster program, which is run by The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, operates year round in DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Will, and Kane counties. More than 4,450 DUI drivers have been arrested from tips received since it began in 1990. People can call in a tip when they notice erratic driving such as swerving, autos going on the shoulder of a highway, near accidents, and other suspicious activity. Police dispatchers will then notify on-duty squads to look for the vehicle with the tell-tale signs of drunk driving, as officers must have a probable cause to stop the automobile.

When DUI offenders appear in court, part of the court fines fund the Drunkbuster program. Overall, more than 45,900 arrests due to DUI were made throughout Illinois in the latest year of statistics.

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