Drivers Know That Texting While Driving Is Dangerous But Still Cannot Totally Give It Up

The word is getting out that using a cell phone while driving is not a smart thing. No matter if a person is emailing or texting while driving, 95 percent of drivers know they could compromise their personal safety, reports AAA in their annual Traffic Safety Culture Index. But sadly, 35 percent of these same drivers have admitted to reading or sending a message anyway.

The AAA Foundation’s survey found that people know distracted driving can be just as deadly as driving under the influence of alcohol. If a driver must stay connected, a hands-free or dashboard system that works with Bluetooth technology is better. It only takes a few seconds of not paying attention to the road to cause a serious or deadly auto accident.

Texting while driving is against the law in Illinois. Using a cell phone in work and school zones is also banned. Even if a driver is stopped at a red light, driving on a quiet, residential street, or in a traffic jam, it is no time to risk your life just to text, email, or chat.

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