Older Teens At Risk For Serious Auto Accidents

Teen drivers in Illinois may receive an unrestricted driver’s license at age 18. However, from the permit phase at age 15 until the time they receive their initial licenses at age 16 to 17, teens have restrictions on nighttime driving and the number of passengers they can drive around. These restrictions are meant to educate teens about safe driving practices and allow them to get comfortable with diverse road conditions.

But a new study shows that many teens younger than 18 have opted to wait until they are 18 to get their driver’s license, when these restrictions no longer apply. This fact, however, has led to an unanticipated result: 12 percent more 18 year olds are dying nationwide from serious car accidents, as reported in a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study raises questions regarding whether graduated driving licenses (GDL) should be extended to all novice drivers. States such as New Jersey have driving restrictions on all youths under 21 years old.

Many states do not require driver’s education if a teen waits until the age of full licensing. With little experience and plenty of driver perils, deadly auto collisions are an unfortunate consequence. Researchers and teen safety advocates say that more analysis of deadly and serious injury accidents is needed to ensure that GDL rules are doing what was intended.

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