Geneva nursing home sued for negligence in COVID-19 deaths of residents

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Several lawsuits have been filed against a Geneva, Illinois, nursing home where a quarter of residents died from COVID-19 complications. The facility has reported some of the highest coronavirus case numbers and deaths among the state’s long-term care facilities.

The estate of Helen Osucha, 97, sued Bria of Geneva for wrongful death. An alarming allegation highlighted in the lawsuit was that Osucha’s family did not know she was infected with the coronavirus until the funeral home informed them after her death. Family members had last seen her in March just before the nursing home went into lockdown.

The family of Lucille James, 80, filed a second lawsuit against the facility, accusing staff of failing to take basic steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The complaint alleged that James was not isolated or tested for COVID-19. Her health condition quickly worsened after contracting the virus as she did not receive proper care.

Both lawsuits accused Bria of Geneva of negligence in disregarding state-mandated COVID-19 preventive guidelines and failing to get hold of enough testing kits until a week after the first confirmed case. Employees allegedly did not isolate those who were sick, leaving elderly residents vulnerable as the virus spread throughout the facility.

Bria of Geneva management disputed the allegations, claiming the outbreak was hard to contain as most people who had contracted COVID-19 were asymptomatic. They said the facility had been following the evolving public health directives and that testing was not readily available.

Nursing homes have a duty to protect and care for their residents, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They should be held accountable for failing to fulfill their responsibilities. The personal injury lawyers at Briskman Briskman & Greenberg are experienced in handling cases of nursing home abuse and neglect throughout Illinois. Contact us today.

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