Conair Corp. sued for defective hair dryers that catch fire

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Two Illinois women filed a proposed class-action lawsuit alleging that Conair’s Infiniti Pro Hair Styler Series 259Y can spark and catch fire, causing serious injuries. The case was filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

Plaintiffs Julie McClanahan and Emily Hergert claimed they suffered burns on their wrists and forearms while blow-drying their hair using the Conair hair dryer. According to the lawsuit, Conair Corp. failed to warn consumers about the product’s defects or injury risk despite knowing about them. The company allegedly hid information about a design flaw in an effort to prioritize profit, gain an edge over competitors and mislead consumers into believing the product was safe.

The complaint said the hair dryers had safety plugs that are supposed to detect a change in the electrical current. However, the plugs allegedly malfunctioned and did not stop the dryer from sparking and catching fire. Additionally, the product was sold without proper instructions or warnings about potential safety hazards.

McClanahan and Hergert are seeking a jury trial and damages of more than $50,000 for their past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more. The lawsuit could potentially cover hundreds of consumers across Illinois who purchased a Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Styler Series 259Y.

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