Motorcyclist cited for running red light in Naperville crash

Motorcyclist cited for running red light in Naperville crash

Two people suffered serious injuries when the motorcycle they were riding collided with a turning car in Naperville, Illinois. The motorcyclist was cited for disobeying a traffic control signal.

According to Naperville police, Christopher Vandervalk, 25, received a ticket for running a red light and causing the crash at an intersection. He was driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle when he hit a Volkswagen Jetta that was turning left. The car was driven by a 30-year-old woman, who was not hurt in the accident.

Vandervalk and his 24-year-old motorcycle passenger were taken to a hospital for treatment for their injuries. Authorities closed part of the intersection and rerouted traffic for several hours so that they could investigate the crash. The incident marked the third serious motorcycle accident in Naperville in the span of two days.

In one case, a motorcyclist from West Chicago was hospitalized and charged with driving under the influence after he struck a semi-tractor trailer. During a second accident the same day, two sibling motorcycle riders died when a car turned in front of them.

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