Staying safe from winter slip and fall accidents


Slip and fall accidents can occur throughout the year. However, the snow and ice that comes with winter weather significantly increases the risk of falls. During winter months, strolling down a sidewalk can prove hazardous due to icy pavement.

Potholes and cracks, uneven walkways, shrubs and bushes that may seem minor during the summer can be rendered invisible once they are covered with snow and ice. Additionally, building entrances are notorious locations for slip and fall accidents. They tend to be slippery due to fast-melting snow from people’s footwear. Garages and parking lots are also likely to have puddles from melting snow.

The elderly are especially vulnerable to slip and fall accidents that can result in serious injuries. A doctor’s appointment or trip to the grocery store can prove dangerous for seniors. Therefore, they should take great care to stay safe by wearing footwear with traction, walking slowly on icy sidewalks, and avoiding carrying objects that can affect balance or obstruct vision.

The Family Service Senior Resource Center in Champaign, Illinois suggested several ways to help the elderly during cold weather months. The organization said offering a ride or even volunteering to run errands would ensure seniors can avoid going out in the snow and ice.

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