Illinois psychiatrist suspended after medical malpractice claims


An Illinois psychiatrist has been suspended by the State of Illinois in response to medical malpractice claims levied against him.

The complaints against the psychiatrist include allegations that he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with patients and prescribed inappropriate medications.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation issued a Notice of Temporary Suspension against the psychiatrist, stating that his Physician and Surgeon License and Illinois Controlled Substance License were temporarily suspended and that a hearing would be held to determine the truth of the charges against him. The psychiatrist will have the opportunity to present evidence in defense to the charges.

The complaint states that the psychiatrist inappropriately prescribed Percocet to a female patient despite his awareness of her history of prescription drug abuse. The complaint also alleges that the psychiatrist sent the patient sexual messages and photographs via mobile phone.

The complaint further states that the psychiatrist was previously suspended for inappropriate conduct when he practiced in Wisconsin.

The order of suspension states that the Director of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation finds that in order to protect the public interest, safety and welfare, emergency action is required to prevent the continued practice of the psychiatrist, as his actions constitute an immediate danger to the public.

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