FDA Warns Consumers About 20 Dangerous Weight Loss Supplements

Consumers should be extremely wary of taking weight loss supplements as they could cause them serious harm. The FDA recently issued a warning in regards to 20 weight loss pills and supplements that have sibutramine. More than a year ago, the FDA pulled the weight loss medicine Meridia off the shelves because sibutramine increased the chances of a heart attack, stroke, and an unexpected death. The FDA notes that there are huge concerns when dietary supplements use the same active ingredients as FDA-approved drugs, but have not gone through the FDA’s rigorous testing process.

Especially for individuals that are trying to lose weight and have a history of stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and arrhythmias, these weight loss supplements should be thrown away. Do not be fooled by labels that say 100 percent natural. If it contains sibutramine, it is not a natural pill for weight loss.

The FDA has sent out warning letters to manufacturers who sold this product and will conduct seizures of the supplements and criminal prosecutions if the manufacturer does not stop selling the weight loss supplements “as is”. Part of the FDA’s review is to find supplements that are unapproved, misbranded, or contain adulterated dietary supplements. When manufacturers are found to be operating outside the law and do not have quality and safety practices in their supply chains, they can be liable for causing harm.

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