Fatal Traffic Accident Costs Increase by $6 Million

A new report from the American Automobile Association shows that the financial impact of a fatal vehicle crash is about $6 million. The study from AAA puts a monetary value on things that are affected by fatal crashes like emergency services and legal costs and calculates an estimated financial impact.

Traffic accidents are three times more costly than congestion, according to the survey. Although congestion and auto crashes are linked, AAA looks at each differently in this report. The financial impact of congestion is calculated mostly by looking at gasoline usage and loss of time.

AAA published the study to raise awareness of highway safety issues when the current economic climate has politicians mostly talking about jobs and the economy, according to a story about the study in USA Today. The group makes recommendations on improving highway safety like cable barriers in highway medians and new roundabouts. AAA uses the financial impact data to help support its argument that more needs to be spent on highway safety.

Automobile crashes are the largest cause of death among Americans between the ages of 5 and 34, according to the study. These cost estimates have risen considerably since the last time AAA did a similar study. In 2005, a study determined that a traffic fatality cost $3.24 million.

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