Five types of evidence that can help in a pedestrian accident case

pedestrian accident lawyer

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, there are critical pieces of evidence that can help protect your rights and support your compensation claim. Your pedestrian accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case and use various resources to collect valuable evidence, such as consulting an accident reconstruction specialist.
You can also do certain things to strengthen your case, such as holding on to all of your medical documentation. Here are five types of evidence that are useful in pedestrian accident cases:
• Police report: Make sure to obtain a copy of the official police report. Police responding to the scene of a pedestrian accident will investigate. They will then create a report outlining what they believe occurred and who was responsible for the accident.
• Photos: Accident scenes are not permanent. If you can, take pictures of any damage that occurred, your injuries, the surroundings and more. Ask a bystander or police officer to help if you are badly injured.
• Video surveillance: It may be possible to obtain video footage of the accident to determine exactly what happened. Many major road intersections have cameras. In addition, businesses close to the pedestrian accident site may have security cameras that recorded the incident.
• Eyewitness accounts: Independent witness statements can serve as crucial evidence. Ask potential witnesses at the scene of the accident for their names and contact information. You can also record witness statements on your cellphone.
• Medical records and bills: Seeking prompt medical attention allows you to establish a direct link between the pedestrian accident and your injuries. Hold on to all documentation, including your emergency room admission chart and copies of medical bills to verify doctor’s visits and establish the cost of your injuries.
Briskman Briskman & Greenberg’s team of experienced Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys is ready to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. We will hold the responsible parties accountable and ensure you are treated fairly throughout the legal process.

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