Illinois man accuses Red Lobster restaurant of unsafe premises

Illinois man accuses Red Lobster restaurant of unsafe premises

A man filed a lawsuit against Red Lobster in Joliet, Illinois after he tripped over a push broom inside the restaurant. He claimed he suffered “severe and permanent injuries” due to the accident.

James Pruitt had visited the eatery in May 2016. He allegedly tripped over the broom and fell while following a host who was leading him to his table. Pruitt is seeking damages in excess of $50,000 from Red Lobster.

The broom was allegedly left in a poorly lit walkway, which was crowded with customers. According to the lawsuit, Red Lobster failed to address the “dangerous condition.” The suit alleged that the restaurant’s employees knew or should have known about the hazard the broom’s placement posed.

Pruitt allegedly suffered serious injuries that have impacted his daily life and will require future medical treatment. The lawsuit did not disclose details of his injuries.

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