Patient Awarded $1 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

A Will County jury ruled in favor of an 82-year-old woman who was injured during surgery, awarding her $1 million in a medical malpractice case.

Virginia Faletti of the Kankakee, Illinois area, alleged that she was left with nerve damage after a botched orthopedic surgery in July 2009. According to the lawsuit, during what was supposed to be routine surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, the surgeon cut the patient’s median nerve, resulting in permanent damage.

At trial, the surgeon admitted cutting the median nerve, referring to the injury as a “complication” that did not rise to the level of malpractice.

Faletti and members of her family testified at trial that there were “profound effects” on her life from the injury. According to Faletti’s attorneys, a subsequent reconstructive nerve surgery was undertaken to try to repair the damage, but it was not a complete success, and she was left with permanent deficits.

The Will County jury found in Faletti’s favor on June 18, awarding her $1,066,000 in damages.

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