Chicago Man Alleges Medical Malpractice in Liver Transplant

Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is the subject of a medical malpractice suit recently filed by a Cook County man who claims that the liver he received by transplant in May of 2011 had malignant cancer tissue.

Johnny Sirbu claims that as a result of the transplant, he now has cancer. He is seeking at least $250,000 in damages.

Also named as a defendant in the court filing is Virginia-based United Network for Organ Sharing, which provided the donated liver.

According to the lawsuit, Sirbu has suffered worsening complications in the 18 months since the transplant, including a diagnosis of liver cancer.

Sirbu claims that neither the organ provider nor his doctors adequately tested the liver for disease before clearing it for use in his transplant. According to the lawsuit, tests conducted in the months following the transplant returned questionable results, but doctors attributed those results to Sirbu’s history of alcohol abuse.

They also failed to recommend a second transplant with a replacement liver during a narrow window following the operation, the court filing states.

The lawsuit claims Sirbu is disabled and is suffering from “great physical pain” and “mental anguish” as a result of his condition. It further states that the liver cancer may claim Sirbu’s life.

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