FDA Budget Includes New Money for Food Safety Initiatives

The Food and Drug Administration’s fiscal year 2013 budget includes priorities that would improve food safety, protect patents and ensure import safety from China.

The new budget includes $364 million in a “protecting patents initiative” that will help review biosimilar products. There will also be money for research to protect customers and patients. There is an additional $253 million for a “transforming food safety initiative” that could be a boost for the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The protecting patients program and the food safety initiative both would pour in about $10 million in new money toward a collaboration with China to increase the FDA’s presence there. This would help improve the safety of the drugs and food produced that is then imported to the United States from China.

Finally, the “medical countermeasures initiative” is slated for another $3.5 million to help protect Americans from emerging infectious diseases. The new money in the FY 2013 budget will help medical countermeasure development timelines and will assist the FDA to expand a program that helps developers focus on medical countermeasures.

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