Trucking Accidents Can Occur In Seconds Because Of Distracted Driving

Big rig truckers often feel the pressure to get to their destination ahead of time with the goods and supplies they are entrusted with. It takes quite a bit of teamwork for each driver to accomplish their daily goals. Staying in touch with trucking headquarters for any dispatches and changes, accounting for traffic or road concerns, and keeping their semi-trailers in working order takes constant effort and awareness of everything going on around them.

Truckers might view their cell phones as essential to keep them on track and entertained, but drivers should know that distracted driving – especially in a big rig – can cause a deadly accident. The latest data from the Department of Transportation shows that distracted driving killed 9,000 people and injured 500,000 other individuals. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and its Operation Safe Driver initiative want big rig drivers to remember that, “At 55 miles per hour, a three-second glance at a cell phone, messaging device, or instrument panel will result in the vehicle moving nearly 250 feet down the road – almost the length of a football field.”

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