Yellow Dot Program Will Alert Emergency Workers of Crash Victims’ Health Condition

Time is critical when emergency workers assess an accident scene. The more they know about the victims of a highway accident, the better chance they have of treating their injuries accurately.

The Illinois Department of Transportation recently debuted a new information delivery system that can help emergency workers learn critical information about crash victims at the scene.

Illinois drivers who want to participate will get a folder to keep in the glove box with information about the people in the car, such as their names, photos, emergency contact information and their primary care physician’s contact information. The folder also will tell emergency workers about current medications and other important health-related information. Emergency workers will know the motorist is participating in the program because there will be a bright yellow decal in the rear window of the vehicle.

In case of a serious automobile accident, that yellow dot could serve as a lifeline for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. The Illinois Department of Transportation is particularly targeting the program toward the elderly or people who are on medication. In emergency situations, health care workers can often waste valuable time trying to learn about the victims’ health before they can accurately treat the patient, according to a press release by the IDOT.

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