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Have you or a family member been injured by a dog bite or other animal – either by being bitten by a dog or by being otherwise attacked or knocked down? Are you seeking to pursue compensation for your medical bills, pain or suffering, lost wages and other costs? If so, the Chicago dog bite attorneys at Briskman Briskman & Greenberg are ready to fight for your rights. From years of experience, we understand the challenges and costs of personal injury cases from dog bites and other animal-related injuries. We are prepared to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Chicago has a dog bite problem

In 2013, the state of Illinois ranked second in dog bite incidents, with 309 claims and $8.9 million paid by insurers that year.

Chicago Dog Bites
  • Dog-related injuries in the United States made up over 1/3 of the money from homeowners insurance liability claims spent in 2016. This added up to over $600 million.
  • In the United States in 2018, over 27,000 people went through reconstructive surgery due to dog bites.
  • 5,714 U.S. Postal Service workers reported dog attacks in 2018
  • From 1993 to 2008, there was an increase in hospitalizations due to dog-related injuries by 86 percent.
  • At a 50 percent increase from a regular personal injury hospital stay, dog bites cost an average of $18,200 for a hospital visit.
  • The average cost per per dog bite claim nationally rose more than 103 percent from 2003 to 2018, partly due to increased judgments and jury awards given to victims.
  • Adults in possession of 2 or more dogs in a home are five times more likely to get a dog-related injury than those without dogs living at home.
Chicago Dog Bite Attorney

The “One Bite” Rule Does Not Exist in Chicago, Illinois

In quite a few states across the United States, there exists a “one bite” rule where the dog owner or guardian is, to a degree, exempt from legal responsibility the first time their dog causes injury as long as they did not have a reason to believe their dog to be dangerous.

However, in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois, the owner is completely liable for any time their dog causes injury. This means that despite the dog’s previous behavior, the owner is liable for their dog in any case of personal injury as long as the victim is “peaceably conducting himself or herself in any place where he or she may lawfully be” according to Illinois’s statute.

There is no damage cap for personal injury in the state of Illinois. It also does not matter whether or not the dog bite comes from a dangerous breed, such as a pit bull or Rottweiler.

We Get Results. Over $1 Million in Dog Bite Case Recovery

Man suffered bite wounds and a dislocated finger when he intervened to try to save his dog which was being attacked
Man was attacked by a pit bull while servicing cable equipment; homeowner claimed that man had entered the backyard without permission
Pet store employee’s nose was bitten by customer’s dog while fitting the dog with a harness
Woman bitten in the face by a dog at a neighborhood BBQ
Young woman was bitten in her leg, which became infected, while taking out the garbage
6-year old girl suffered a 9 cm laceration to her scalp when she was attacked by her friend’s dog

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Owners Are Responsible for Dog Bites

In Chicago, Illinois, the owner is considered to be anyone with the right of property to the dog; this includes someone who is keeping the dog, has the dog under their care or allows the dog to be on their personal premise.

Chicago Dog Bite Lawyer

Owner Negligence

If the plaintiff is bringing a case forward of owner negligence, they must give plausible facts that demonstrate the owner’s breached responsibility. The owner may be classified as negligent from being unreasonable or failing to act, such as providing warning.

Emotional Suffering

Physical injury is not the only way to receive fair compensation for damages and loss from a dog bite. According to federal law, emotional pain, as long as it is in tandem with the physical injury, is considered justifiable suffering. Mental suffering alone is not cause for damage recovery across the United States. Nonetheless, when the victim under emotional distress resulting from close proximity to the incident, or a “zone of physical danger,” experiences fear of personal safety and suffers physical injury as a result, they can then recover damages.

However, in Illinois courts specifically, it has been determined that damages can be given to the victim for mental distress even if it does not directly relate to physical injury.


In the United States in 2018

  • 36 people died from a dog attack
  • Pit bulls accounted for 26, or 72 percent, of dog-related deaths. Pit bulls are currently regulated in over 900 U.S. cities as well as in military housing areas.
  • Mixed breeds, the second most dangerous, accounted for 3 deaths, while rottweilers accounted for 2. Pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for a total of 76 percent of reported U.S. dog-related deaths between 2005 and 2018.
  • 15, or 42 percent, of dog-related fatalities were victims 6 years old and younger. 21, or 58 percent, were adults 28 years and up.


Dogs let you know in their own ways when they are stressed. Some signs include:

  • Avoid eye contact. Dogs may see eye contact as a challenge to their power or control.
  • Know stress when you see it. Many familiar actions like yawning, shaking, placing the tail between the legs and licking lips are signs of stress.
  • Stay calm. Do not run from dogs or past dogs, and do not yell or make loud noises. These are cues to attack.
  • Do not bother a dog that is sleeping. Be careful around dogs that are eating or have a toy they may want to protect.

Learn more about dog bites with our custom dog bite infographic.

Time is running out

Any dog bite victim, other than a minor or someone who is under a legal disability, of a dog-related injury has two years from the date of the attack to file a claim.

If it has been over two years, the lawsuit cannot be pursued. If the victim intentionally or accidentally provokes the dog, such as kicking the dog or stepping on its tail, the claim may be defensible under Illinois law. Another way for a claim to be barred is if the victim is not lawfully on the owner’s property. If the victim is invited onto the owner’s property as a guest, then it is considered lawfully being on the property. If the victim is trespassing or committing another crime, then it is likely that the damages of a dog-related injury will not be recoverable.

In Illinois courts specifically, it has been determined that damages can be given to the victim for mental distress even if it does not directly relate to physical injury.

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What are recoverable compensation for damages?

If the victim of a dog attack wants to pursue compensation, they must consider all of the injury-related damages. These include any medical expenses, previously mentioned emotional pain, any further suffering and lost wages.

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How can I prevent dog-related injuries

In order to decrease the amount of personal injuries related to dog attacks, it is important for owners to become educated about their dog’s breed, especially if their dog has previously acted out. It is also important for any potential victim to be aware of their surroundings, particularly in case of an accidental provocation.

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Are there damage caps in Illinois?

There is no damage cap for personal injury in the state of Illinois. It also does not matter whether or not the dog bite comes from a dangerous breed, such as a pit bull or Rottweiler. You may recover compensation for a bite from any breed.

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