Illinois Supreme Court Rules Against Child Injured by Moving Train

The Illinois Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision overturning a $3.9 million jury award against three different railroad companies. The plaintiff was 12 years old when he was injured trying to jump onto a moving train. The Court said that a train in motion represents an obvious danger. The Court, in a decision written by …

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State Trooper Who Caused Fatal Crash Will Not Receive Workers Compensation

Matt Mitchell, the former Illinois State Police Trooper who pleaded guilty to reckless homicide in a car crash that killed two women and injured two others, will not receive workers’ compensation payments for injuries that he sustained in the crash. The full 10-member Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission ruled that Mitchell’s conduct was “unreasonable and unforeseeable.” …

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Father’s Occupation May Play a Role in Birth Defects

Researchers have discovered that the risk of birth defects may be increased by the type of work the father did before the baby was conceived. The study, by researchers at the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health, relies on data from the U.S. National Birth Defects Prevention Study. The study is …

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Erb’s Palsy Leads to Birth Injury Lawsuit

A birth injury lawsuit has been filed in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that medical negligence caused a child to develop Erb’s Palsy. Christopher and Daniela Griffin filed the suit on behalf of themselves and their son, Christopher S. Griffin, Jr., against MetroSouth Medical Center and the attending physician, claiming that medical malpractice caused fetal …

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Illinois Older Driver Laws Among Toughest in Nation

More seniors are on the road than ever before, and certain aspects of aging present a traffic safety risk. States have responded by tightening driver’s license requirements for older drivers, and the laws in Illinois are among the strictest in the country. While age itself does not necessarily affect driving ability, seniors are more likely …

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Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Chicago Workers Comp Records

A federal grand jury has issued a subpoena for records spanning six years of Chicago’s workers’ compensation program. The subpoena was issued to the Finance Committee of Chicago’s City Council. Alderman Edward M. Burke is the chair of the committee, and has authority over how workers’ compensation claims against the city are processed and settled. …

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Missouri Medical Malpractice Cap Ruled Unconstitutional

The Missouri Supreme Court has overturned the state’s $350,000 limit on non-economic medical malpractice awards. The cap was a “tort reform” measure that the Missouri state legislature passed in 2005. In its 4-3 decision in the case of Watts v. Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, the Court ruled that limiting the awards is unconstitutional. Doctors, …

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Doctor Dismissed

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, has dismissed his wrongful death lawsuit against the singer’s doctor, Conrad Murray, who was convicted of causing his death. Court filings show that Joe Jackson filed a request for dismissal and that it was granted. No reason was given, but two attorneys working on the case were found ineligible to …

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Switching Surgeons Leads to Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Two recent Chicago medical malpractice lawsuits have been filed over the same alleged misdeed: patients were operated on by a different surgeon from the one they were promised. Patients sometimes go to great lengths to seek out a surgeon with particular skills and experience to perform their operation, but find later that someone else actually …

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Drew Peterson Seeks to Dismiss Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Drew Peterson’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit against the former Bolingbrook police officer, who was found guilty of murdering his third wife. The action came just days after Peterson’s conviction. Peterson was convicted of the 2004 drowning of Kathleen Savio. Peterson and Savio’s two sons requested that their names …

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