Highway Speeding Deaths Up as Other Crash Causes Drop

Traffic fatalities are down during the past 15 years, but speed-related deaths are up slightly. These numbers may seem inconsistent, but perspective from both sides of the highway speed limits issue lends some understanding. Highway safety advocates got together about seven years ago to devise a plan to attack speeding and lower the injury and …

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Truck Driver Firing Brings Fines, Reinstatement

A truck driver who stood up for following the rules will be reinstated in his job after being fired when he pointed out safety concerns with his truck brakes and refused to drive when he was over DOT regulated hours. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration investigated the case of a Sauk Village, Ill., truck …

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Children with Birth Injuries May Not Show Symptoms Immediately

It is difficult to know what to do when a parent suspects something went wrong in the delivery room, but a good first step is to understand the causes and symptoms of birth injuries. Birth injury symptoms often do not appear in the delivery room and sometimes they do not show up for weeks or …

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New Crash Test Dummy Helps Examine Restraint Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration added a new member to its family this year – a 10 year old. The new crash test dummy helps to illuminate the safety issues faced by an under-studied group of motor vehicle passengers. There has been extensive research focused on keeping adults safe in car crashes. There also …

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OSHA Pushes for Tighter Rules on Texting and Driving While at Work

Advances in smartphone technology have helped improve businesses in countless ways during the past several years. Vendors can use smartphones to charge credit cards on the spot. Investors can check stock prices from the back of a taxi. Purchasing departments can order more of just about anything from just about anywhere. But when employees try …

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FDA Budget Includes New Money for Food Safety Initiatives

The Food and Drug Administration’s fiscal year 2013 budget includes priorities that would improve food safety, protect patents and ensure import safety from China. The new budget includes $364 million in a “protecting patents initiative” that will help review biosimilar products. There will also be money for research to protect customers and patients. There is …

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Patients Rarely Get Critical Preventative Services During Checkups

Every time a patient goes into the doctor’s office for his or her regular physical check-up, the doctor has a list of preventative services recommended to perform on the patient. A recent study showed that barely half of the recommended services get performed as prescribed because there just is not enough time in the day. …

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Alcohol Awareness Month a Time to Get Facts on Alcohol and Injuries

April is Alcohol Awareness Month across the United States and while the statistics indicate that the number of deaths from drinking and driving have gone down slightly, they are still high enough to be a concern. Drunk driving deaths have declined every year since a high in 2005 of 13,582, according to the Insurance Information …

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