Some Hospitals May Not Be Training Staff on Correct Use of Dilaudid

There is evidence that shows the pain medication Dilaudid is being prescribed incorrectly and leading to overdoses and even addiction problems. If physicians and medical professionals are getting the dosage wrong on Dilaudid, it might be because it is three to five times more potent than morphine. Dosing guidelines changed about eight years ago, but …

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Yellow Dot Program Will Alert Emergency Workers of Crash Victims’ Health Condition

Time is critical when emergency workers assess an accident scene. The more they know about the victims of a highway accident, the better chance they have of treating their injuries accurately. The Illinois Department of Transportation recently debuted a new information delivery system that can help emergency workers learn critical information about crash victims at …

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Company Cited for OSHA Violations at Illinois Plant

As Illinois lawmakers work to reduce workers’ compensation coverage in the state, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration cited Central Transport International Inc. for multiple and repeat violations at its Hillside facility. The logistics company was in violation for improperly training workers who drive forklifts and not having adequate eyewash stations for …

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Drug Makers Pay Big for Illegal Marketing

American pharmaceutical companies are learning the hard way that marketing drugs improperly is not only bad for customers, it is bad for their bottom line. In the fall of 2011, Merck paid $950 million in a civil lawsuit to settle charges it illegally marketed a painkiller called Vioxx. That same year Pfizer paid the government …

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Proper Processes Can Stop Wrong Side Surgeries

The medical community is being called upon to make procedural changes that would significantly reduce the risk of wrong site and wrong side surgeries. Across the country, about 40 surgeries a week are performed on the wrong side of the body, the wrong site on the body, or even on the wrong patient. The problem …

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Fatal Traffic Accident Costs Increase by $6 Million

A new report from the American Automobile Association shows that the financial impact of a fatal vehicle crash is about $6 million. The study from AAA puts a monetary value on things that are affected by fatal crashes like emergency services and legal costs and calculates an estimated financial impact. Traffic accidents are three times …

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