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FDA Warns Consumers About 20 Dangerous Weight Loss Supplements

Consumers should be extremely wary of taking weight loss supplements as they could cause them serious harm. The FDA recently issued a warning in regards to 20 weight loss pills and supplements that have sibutramine. More than a year ago, the FDA pulled the weight loss medicine Meridia off the shelves because sibutramine increased the chances of a heart attack, stroke, and an unexpected death. The FDA notes that there are huge concerns when dietary supplements use the same active ingredients as FDA-approved drugs, but have not gone through the FDA’s rigorous testing process.

Especially for individuals that are trying to lose weight and have a history of stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and arrhythmias, these weight loss supplements should be thrown away. Do not be fooled by labels that say 100 percent natural. If it contains sibutramine, it is not a natural pill for weight loss.

The FDA has sent out warning letters to manufacturers who sold this product and will conduct seizures of the supplements and criminal prosecutions if the manufacturer does not stop selling the weight loss supplements “as is”. Part of the FDA’s review is to find supplements that are unapproved, misbranded, or contain adulterated dietary supplements. When manufacturers are found to be operating outside the law and do not have quality and safety practices in their supply chains, they can be liable for causing harm.

A Chicago defective products attorney and Chicago personal injury attorney should be contacted immediately to take legal action if you or a loved one is dealing with a serious injury or wrongful death due to taking these supplements. To learn more, call 877-595-HURT (4878) or visit more of

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Automotive Repair Business Found with Unsafe Floors After OSHA Inspection

Slip and fall concerns are a reality in some workplaces, and especially in automotive repair shops where oil, chemicals, and other cleaning agents are frequently used. A recent Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection found an Arlington Heights Jiffy Lube to be in violation of safety prevention measures. Floors were not adequately kept dry, and this was a repeat violation as OSHA previously had found floors with oil and water accumulated on them.

This Jiffy Lube faces penalties up to $52,700 and is particularly concerning because the owner, Heartland Automotive Services Inc., has more than 400 Jiffy Lube stores across the United States. Unsafe floors and workplaces can create falling hazards and other serious injury concerns for workers and customers. When a worker has an injury that was caused by the unsafe conditions, the employee has the right to get workers’ compensation to recover from his or her injuries. This includes getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other related costs. Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage and comply with OSHA regulations for their industry. When a customer is injured because of water or oil on the floor, they may have a personal injury claim.

A Chicago workers’ compensation attorney or personal injury attorney should be contacted immediately to take legal action if an employer or customer is injured because of unsafe conditions. To learn more, call 877-595-HURT (4878) or visit more of

Unsafe Food and Facilities in Illinois Pose Health and Serious Injury Concerns

Peanuts, rice, flour and other food products were recently found to be stored in packaging susceptible to rodent infestation. Inspectors found significant amounts of rodent and bird matter throughout the Streamwood, Illinois warehouse of Chetak Chicago LLC. U.S. Marshals had to seize the products after the inspection by the FDA found these unsanitary conditions. Depending on how many products made it to grocery store shelves or a consumer’s home, these food products could pose a serious threat to an individual’s health.

Another company in Elk Grove Village had serious violations regarding the manner in which it packed, prepared, and held seafood products. The FDA found True World Foods, LLC in violation of the seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulation and the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulation for foods. The company did not have a HACCP plan in place to address and prevent food safety concerns that are likely to occur in these settings. Sanitation practices and conditions at the facility were also not frequently monitored to show the FDA that they were in compliance with applicable food safety laws. The FDA issued the company a warning letter requiring them to address concerns that the facility’s raw, refrigerated, and ready to consume seafood items could create health issues.

When food is not properly prepared, stored, or monitored it can cause harm and serious injuries requiring hospitalization, lost wages, or even death. A Chicago personal injury attorney should be contacted immediately to take legal action. To learn more, call 877-595-HURT (4878) or visit more of

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